Programmes on living in old age

A red house between green ones.
Picture credit: picture alliance / moodboard / Martin Poole

With increasing age, people spend more time in their own four walls.

The home makes a decisive contribution to the quality of life, well-being and satisfaction – in old age even more so than in younger years. The vast majority of older people would like to be able to live in their familiar surroundings for as long as possible, even if they become ill or require assistance and long-term care. The aim of the programmes in the field of “Living in old age” is therefore to promote independent, self-determined living in old age. Shared housing, age-appropriate conversion, ambient assisted living, offers of support and advice, neighbourhood help and social services are the topics covered by the programmes. They make it clear that “living in old age” encompasses not only the home itself, but also the residential environment, the associated infrastructure and social ties.

Beyond this, living in old age is a task for many: not only politics, but also the crafts, the municipalities and the housing industry, senior citizens‘ organisations and civil society can contribute to enabling the elderly to live comfortably and participate in social life at the same time.