Social housing in old age

A hand is holding a scissors cut of a house with blue sky in the background.
Picture credit: ponsulak kunsub/

The “Soziales Wohnen im Alter” programme was implemented from 2010 to 2014. It encompassed the following programme modules:

  • Competition: “Ambient assisted living”
  • Initiative: “Qualification of the crafts for age-appropriate, accessible housing”
  • Project funding: “Neighbourhood help and social services”

Many different stakeholders were involved, e. g. from the fields of civil society, senior citizens‘ organisations, the housing industry and the crafts, as well as Federal Länder and municipalities. The programme was concluded successfully, and the results are continuing to have an effect:

Innovations in domestic technology, thoroughly trained handicraft businesses, new networks and structures in neighbourhood help, lastingly benefit older people.