Assisted living: services in the home

If home-help services no longer cover your needs and you would like to have a dedicated contact person who can give you comprehensive information and advice and also arrange additional services when needed, you will find that some local authorities offer services to enable assisted living at home.

Assisted living at home comprises a package of professionally-organised support services, a home alert system and regular house calls. Because the services and help you need are provided right in your home, there is no need for you to move to another place. You will need to enter into a mobile care agreement with the service providers involved and also pay an assistance fee. The fee can differ greatly depending on the service package you need. It is thus wise to obtain binding offers in advance. Services to enable assisted living at home are offered by welfare organisations, municipal authorities and housing associations, but they are not necessarily available countrywide. Information can be obtained from mobile care services, welfare associations and housing companies in the area where you live.