Residential nursing homes: all-round services and support

For older people for whom living alone has become difficult despite receiving support from family members and outside help, being cared for in a well-established nursing home for the elderly could bring relief for all. The in-house medical and nursing assistance provided by qualified staff, the immediate social contact and the recreational activities on offer help to relieve the burden of everyday life.

If the time comes for you to give up your home and leave your familiar routine behind, you will find dedicated nursing staff, comfortable accommodation and amenable living conditions in most residential nursing homes.

To ensure that a nursing home for the elderly meets both your expectations and needs, it is wise to look at the offers carefully in advance. Take the opportunity to try out various homes, say by booking a short trial stay.

Following the transfer of responsibility for the law on residential institutions to the Federal Länder (states) in the reform of Germany’s federal system, the Länder issued their own applicable laws.

Contact the Ministry of Social Affairs in the Land (state) where you live for information regarding the prevailing regulations and special provisions contained in the Land-specific laws on the various forms of housing.


A useful guide when looking for senior citizens’ residential nursing homes in Germany is available online at: