No need to travel alone: transportation, accompaniment and visiting services

Anyone who has ever tried to get onto a crowded bus with crutches has a rough idea of how difficult it can be to get to the doctor or to some other appointment - be it in old age, in the event of illness or when mobility is impaired. The same applies when getting to recreational activities and cultural events that you really don’t want to miss. At times like these, relatives, friends and neighbours with a car are not always readily on hand. Added to this comes the fact that public transport connections are sometimes not as convenient or as frequent as they could be, particularly in rural areas. Taxi companies and other transport companies offer driver and accompaniment services for situations like these. In some towns, there are also voluntary services available (such as “citizens’ buses”), as well as commercial visiting and accompaniment services which, in return for payment, also provide assistance in dealing with official matters. For more information contact your local authority, the public transport company, senior citizens’ bureaus and other voluntary organisations.


If the requirements are met, the costs of day care and of short-term care are paid by the long-term care insurance fund. Contact your long-term care insurance fund to find out more.