Living in a residential nursing home Haus am Kappelberg, Fellbach

The project

Built in 1962, Haus am Kappelberg no longer complied with the building standards applicable today. Thus, to restructure the residential nursing services provided and focus on the care needs of dementia patients, the obsolete nursing home wing had to be demolished to make way for a new, fit-for-purpose building. Erected on the old site, the purpose of the new building was to create better conditions and options for people in need of long-term care and also for those providing that care. Patients and relatives will be able to select service packages geared to their individual needs. Here, the focus is not on the work processes involved in nursing, but on residents’ housing needs. Priority is given first to housing and then to care – a principle that can be effectively applied, even in a nursing home.


  • 124 places, including 98 for residential care, 11 for short-time care, 3 for night care and 12 for day care
  • 93 apartments for assisted living, 9 places in an external shared housing unit
  • Additional services available: mobile nursing service, meals on wheels, midday meal, advice centre, courses for family members providing care
  • “Kappelzwerge” childcare service for children under the age of three, provided in cooperation with a parents’ initiative


Stettener Straße 23–25, 70734 Fellbach, Germany