Age-appropriate housing, Burgrieden

A new housing complex called “Allengerechtes Wohnen” (Housing Appropriate for All) is being developed right in the centre of Burgrieden. The project is characterised by intensive citizen and municipal participation in both the planning and implementation phase. In a partnership approach, the Bürgerstiftung Burgrieden (the Burgrieden Civic Trust) and the municipal authorities are developing a multi-generation freehold housing project, a shared housing unit for a group of residents in need of care, and a counselling centre as well as a café and communal activity space.


  • 44 accessible, freehold flats distributed across four buildings
  • Sales prices range from €2,500 to €2,800 per square metre
  • 40 percent of the housing units will be rented to local residents at a price of €7.50 per square metre
  • All ground-floor flats are wheelchair accessible
  • Basic rent, plus €45 for an underground garage space and €35 for the fitted kitchen. Advance utility payments of €2 per square metre
  • Residential care group in freehold flats developed by the Bürgerstiftung Burgrieden, with eight one-room apartments, each with its own kitchenette, a shared dining room and a communal lounge area

Care and support

Support and nursing care services are not linked to the rental contracts for the individual housing units. Nursing care must be arranged separately as needed. The local Verein Lebensqualität Burgrieden e. V. has set up a touchpoint (Kontakt und Rat, or KoRa) in the Atriumhaus to offer care and support services on a voluntary basis. Financing of the services occurs by means of a cost contribution – currently €8 – which recipients pay themselves. The services are available to all village residents, but they are expected to join the association first. The KoRa touchpoint is open ten hours per week. Residents of the residential care group receive round the clock mobile care.


When implementing the building project, the Bürgerstiftung Burgrieden (85 percent stakeholder share) and the municipal authority (15 percent stakeholder share) founded the company Burgrieden baut GmbH. The two partners each have a 50 percent vote. The company is jointly managed in a voluntary capacity by Burgrieden’s mayor and the Bürgerstiftung Chair. The municipality of Burgrieden assumes the costs incurred in filling a mini-job position, whose incumbent coordinates the voluntary help. The residents in the residential care group jointly commission a mobile nursing service. Apart from the tenants belonging to the residential care group, the Bürgerstiftung has purchased and lets two housing units that can be used to accommodate guests.


Fuggerweg 1, 88483 Burgrieden, Germany