Mutual support between old and young, Nuremberg

The andersWOHNEN house

The housing cooperative-led construction of a multi-generation house in the centre of Nuremberg is a multi-generation housing project for elderly people and single parents. The idea is that people in these two groups and stages of life can help each other and benefit both from giving and receiving that help. The communal areas are open to residents and are also used for cultural events to which people from the surrounding area are invited.


  • ‡‡4 one-room, 19 two-room, 17 three-room and 4 four-room flats, each with differing layouts and measuring between 40 and 98 square meters in size
  • A wheelchair-accessible apartment measuring 65 square meters is located on the ground floor


Karl-Bröger-Platz, 90459 Nuremberg, Germany