“Bärenhof” multi-generation housing project, Hamburg-Langenhorn

The project

The construction project on the outskirts of Hamburg named "Bärenhof" offers an impressive range of support services and was built thanks to social engagement and cooperative self-help. It is specially designed to meet the needs of elderly people and families. The two multi-family dwellings stand side-by-side and offer communal areas that can be used for various activities along with a range of additional services. The housing complex also contains a sheltered housing unit in which a resident dementia-sufferer group receives mobile nursing care.


  • ‡‡22 two- and three-room flats of up to 70 , all with a balcony or patio suitable for elderly people
  • 25 three- to five-room flats of up to 100 , all with a balcony or patio suitable for families with children


Langenhorner Chaussee 675, 22419 Hamburg-Langenhorn, Germany