“Werkpalast” shared housing project, Berlin-Lichtenberg

The project

The aim is to revive a prefabricated concrete building previously used as a kindergarten for use as an intergenerational housing project. To promote community life in the building, there are communal rooms used by all residents. The garden is likewise open to all. Residents’ readiness to provide mutual help and support in daily life, such as looking after children or helping elderly neighbours, is a key component of communal life. The “Werkpalast” project brings life to a long-deserted building, while the commitment of its residents serves in vitalising community life in the Lichtenberg district of Berlin. Since its completion in 2011, the building has become quite an attraction – not only because of its architecture, but also on account of its integrative effect.


  • 22 flats of various sizes (30 to 190 )
  • Long-term, socially acceptable rents (€ 4.50 to € 6.50 per , excluding ancillary costs)
  • Integrative neighbourhood and communal living space


Alfred-Jung-Straße 6–8, 10367 Berlin, Germany