Shared housing, self-determined living

Rear view of a building.
Picture credit: Wohnen und Integration Nürnberg

Older people are increasingly showing an interest in new forms of shared housing – both with peers and across the generations with younger people.

Since late 2015, the “Gemeinschaftlich wohnen, selbstbestimmt leben” pilot programme has been funding selected housing projects that can serve as models and encourage imitation. The project operators are private builders‘ consortiums, and also housing societies, associations and municipalities, that devise and implement model projects for shared housing.

The pilot projects address different aspects, depending on their selected focus. One focus is, for example, forms of shared housing that permit an independent lifestyle, especially also for elderly and very old residents. A different focus is chosen by housing projects that are particularly geared to older people on a low income and target a social, intergenerational mix in the resident structure.

The pilot programme attaches special importance to close networking of the housing projects with the local environment. Life in the municipality, the neighbourhood or in the village environment is intended to benefit from the projects, and vice versa, in order to in this way improve the framework conditions for a longer, self-determined life of the local people.